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Toolsie Persaud group

Sally Lackiram
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The firm Toolsie Persaud Ltd. (TPL), situated at lots 10-12, Lombard Street, Charlestown, Georgetown has plans to expand further its quarry operations at St. Mary’s Quarries, up the Essequibo River.

A brief chronological profile of the Company is as follows:

i. The Company was incorporated on the 3rd January, 1959, after 8 (eight)years as a private concern, with specific interests in logging and saw milling at Lombard Street;
ii. In 1960, the Company initiated quarrying operations when it commenced quarry operations at St. Mary’s Quarries, up the Essequibo River. Today, the Company is the largest producer of quarry products in the country;
iii. In 1972, the construction of a massive sawmilling complex was started at Anarika in the Essequibo, about (70) seventy miles from Georgetown. Logging concessions were obtained on the left bank of the Upper Essequibo River.
iv. In 1973, the Company moved into industrial activities with the incorporation of Guyana Thermoplastics Limited, with factory operations situated at Providence on the East Bank of Demerara, about seven (7) miles from Georgetown. This was established to manufacture PVC pipes, fittings and hoses.
v. In 1974, the diversification program continued with the establishment of Providence Industries Limited which entered into the production of galvanized sheets and steel products and also set up facilities for the construction of tugs and barges. In 1976, National Fasteners Limited was set up to manufacture nuts and bolts.
vi. In 1976, it established a new logging operation at Manaka on the left bank of the Essequibo River.
vii. In 1977, a ready-mix concrete plant was put into operation.
viii. the company, Toolsie Persaud Quarries Inc. was incorporated on the 2nd June, 2005 under the Companies Act of Guyana.
The registered office is 10-12, Lombard Street, Georgetown, Guyana.
The Company also operates a trading enterprise at Lombard and Sussex Streets, where it deals with all items relating to the building and construction industry. It also has substantial investments in real estate holdings. It has also entered into ready-mix (cement) and has a cement factory for the manufacture of cement blocks and related cement products.

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