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Lead GIS Geologist : Tucson, AZ, US, 85706


Works independently using geospatial data to the maximum for finding the next porphyry copper deposit.  Contribute to integrated value-addition studies within known orebodies and districts (geologic, geochemical/hydro chemical, metallurgical, environmental, geotechnical etc.).  Part of a team that develops, implements, coordinates, and maintains Exploration  Geographic Information System (EGIS).  Works with internal and external stakeholders in the development and management of spatial databases.  Assists with continued compilation of larger databases, and GIS projects across multiple departments.  Interpretation of geological data to define new targets for exploration drilling, and to improve the understanding of existing copper targets and find the best sites to drill them.

  • GIS Analysis.  Uses ore deposit expertise to perform geological and exploration-focused analyses of spatial data using GIS Technology and generates reports of the results which includes producing short reports on short term.
  • Compilation of in-house data.  Coordinates the procedures and storage of spatial geological data, with a priority to the collection of in-house historical and legacy data.  Works and oversees on all aspects of digitizing, capturing, georeferencing analog or scanned data and images.  Makes a major effort to obtain all data that are usable for exploration.
  • WebMaps.  Management of GIS projects and creation of WebMaps.  For select subsets of data, e.g. individual mine sites, assemble GIS ready data packages, put them into a user-friendly format (currently we use WebMap) that is accessible to multiple clients across the organization.  Helps to promot this service to the rest of the organization, to ensure this valuable set of data is utilized across multiple departments.
  • Hyperspectral Mapping.  Additional interpretation work.  Implement and expand current use of Hyperspectral satellite imagery (currently Wordview 3 and ASTER) to identify alteration mineral zoning for drill targeting across all mine sites, and beyond.  Become familiar with producing hyperspecral maps independently.  Use them for exploration; interface and collaborate well with colleagues from other departments to identify more uses of hyperspectral maps in Freeport, e.g. for tailings, environmental, water, mine dumps, etc.
  • Data Acquisition and Compilation.  Perform online research for exploration related data from public and commercially available databases.  Seeks out existing major databases usable for exploration and helps with the acquisition of such strategic assets for the company.  Integrate the acquired data seamlessly into the existing databases.  Seeks independently for geological and related exploration data all the time.
  • New Technologies.  Use GIS for dinding the next ore grade intercept.  Help finding (or helping other FM stakeholders find) value oppotunities within known ore bodes and districts.  Identify new tools and methods to analyze and interpret geological data, with special attention to using fuzzy logic, artifical intelligence, and machine learning.  Carry out test case studies using an existing dataset and develop proof of concept.  This must be well-grounded with established porphyry copper exploration models, and with real-world drill data.  These anchors are critical to make sure the concepts used remain practical and well-connected to the actual geology and stand the test of reality.
  • Part of the team that develops operating standards in coordination with technical staff and coordinates standards to all GIS users within organization.  Database co-administrator for spatial data.


Description (Continued)

  • Regular communication with internal (exploration) and external (other groups in the organization) data users.  Seek feedback if they benefit from the databases.
  • Perform other duties as requested.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Geology or related scientific discipline and seven (7) years experience in Geology or related scientific field including five (5) years of experience iin mineral exploration, mine geology, or ore deposit research, OR
  • Master's degree in Geology and five (5) years experience in Geology or related scientific field including five (5) years of experience in mineral exploration, mine geology, or ore deposit research.
  • Experienced in using GIS software.
  • Interpretation of multivariate geospatial or geoscientific data.
  • Adequate Work experience related to porphyry copper deposits.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Geosciences, Geography, or Earth Sciences
  • B.S. or above in Computer Science and/or Library Science or related fields in data management
  • Preferred, but not required: foreign language skills (especially Spanish) to better understand data in that foreign language
  • Computer skills
  • Porphyry Copper Exploration
  • Basic understanding of mineral economics and how it translates into ore bodies
  • Specialized knowledge of chemistry of geological materials; experience in Mapinfo, ARCGIS, ARCGIS PRO, Leapfrog, MineSight, Google Earth Pro.  Having done similar interpretation work for porphyry copper exploration


  • Personal protective equipment is required when performing work in a mine, outdoor, manufacturing or plant environment, including hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, safety footwear, and as needed, respirator, rubber steel-toe boots, protective clothing, gloves and any other protective equipment as required.
  • Freeport-McMoRan promotes a drug/alcohol-free work environment through the use of mandatory pre-employment drug testing and on-going random drug testing as allowed by applicable state laws.


Freeport-McMoRan has reviewed the jobs at its various office and operating sites and determined that many of these jobs require employees to perform essential job functions that pose a direct threat to the safety or health of the employees performing these tasks or others.  Accordingly, the Company has designated the following positions as safety-sensitive:

  • Site-based positions, or positions which require unescorted access to site-based operational areas, which are held by employees who are required to receive MSHA, OSHA, DOT, HAZWOPER and/or Hazard Recognition Training; or 
  • Positions which are held by employees who operate equipment, machinery or motor vehicles in furtherance of performing the essential functions of their job duties, including operating motor vehicles while on Company business or travel (for this purpose “motor vehicles” includes Company owned or leased motor vehicles and personal motor vehicles used by employees in furtherance of Company business or while on Company travel); or
  • Positions which Freeport-McMoRan has designated as safety sensitive positions in the applicable job or position description and which upon further review continue to be designated as safety-sensitive based on an individualized assessment of the actual duties performed by a specifically identified employee.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Protected Veteran/Disability

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