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To provide technical expertise to set up and implement sustainable system and processes of the sand & gravel operations, the batch plant, and the organizing and dispatching of mobile equipment to the Underground Expansion projects as to improve national employee skills and activities in accordance with proper industry standards and company's policy and procedures.

Interfaces closely with General Superintendent of the Construction materials group as well as the Ore Flow Construction team to ensure infrastructure, materials and equipment required for ore flow construction & commissioning is available at critical milestone dates.

Interfaces and with safety department and is responsible for application of & management of safety performance for all employees in Central Services and the UG expansion project team. Ensure compliance to PTFI Fresh standards, Top Ten Risks and SOP’s.

Additional responsibilities:

  1. Construction is prone to safety aspects, therefore safety meetings, safety motivation, or safety inspection is a necessary means to promote safety for counterparts or to all persons involved.
  2. Provide clear guidelines and information regarding concrete, aggregate, and equipment supply to counterparts and clients for project completion according with customer requirement and support the customer satisfaction.
  3. The incumbent has to fully understand the design of the producing facilities and equipment as pertaining to the department.
  4. The incumbent should keep up with the technology transfer to counterparts of all kind of construction methodology and material requirements, in order to effectively deal with this challenge.
  5. Due to ever-changing workloads, locations and types of work. He/she should be able to analyze and handle each project effectively.
  6. Work closely with the Maintenance team to develop and maintain quality condition monitoring and preventative maintenance plans and schedules
  7. Review and ensure material and equipment utilization plan/requirements meet schedule material delivery accordingly to ensure that material provision is in line with project schedule.
  8. Provide input and work closely with cost control and scheduler in prepare and estimate monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for work in aggregate and batch plants to provide target and guidelines for specific work completion (submitted to Cost Controller) to provide specific work completion framework and targets that will further base bonus achievements.
  9. That required by the client, including ensure proper changes and the revisions are properly recorded and filed.
  10. Train, develop, and assist counterparts with the necessary knowledge and skill requirements to further improve their performance attributes and responsibilities.
  11. Perform quality control of Crushing, Conveying, and Concrete Batching systems and prepare periodic reports to make sure that all controls are in line with international standards and codes.
  12. Conduct, control, and coordinate with other field disciplines the field-testing and calibration of related field equipment to design and requirements.
  13. Provide recommendation in operational requirements relating to breakdowns, retrofit or upgrades to ensure the continuous running of mechanical equipment and reduce downtime.
  14. Train, develop, and assist construction national employees with the necessary knowledge and skill requirements for further improve their performance attributes and responsibilities.
  15. Review yearly plan and budget development, in order to provide guideline for the forthcoming year operation.
  16. Review monthly actual activities against the plan and budget, in order to ensure the achievement of department objectives within the allocated resources.
  17. Communicate, organize, and control the implementation of Company's policies and procedures, in order to ensure department perform their duties in a safe manner and environmentally conscious.

Additional Responsibilities:

·Day to day scheduling and logistics of mobile equipment

·Maintaining daily production and delivery targets

·Approve material specification.

·Plant maintenance plan and schedule

·Mobile equipment dispatch and maintenance tracking

·Review production and delivery schedules

·Approve subordinate leave travel request.


Bachelor’s (S1) Degree in related field or equivalent of education and experience, with a minimum of twelve (12) years’ experience preferably with six (6) years experience in mining, material movement, and heavy equipment operation.

·         Four (4) years experience managing multidisciplinary activities including material handling, scheduling and budget development.

·         Must have strong experience with Aggregate, Batch Plant and Equipment Logistics.

·         Ability to coordinate multidisciplinary project to meet customer’s specific performance requirements for quality, cost and completion targets.

·         Ability to mentor/train and develop national engineers’ professional abilities.

·         Ability to prepare project budgets, schedules and cost benefit analysis for project work to determine cost effect solutions.

·         Strong ability to analyze and plan work and resource requirements to balance the demands of a large number of customers.

·         Strong ability to prepare technical specifications and documents for the proper operation of plant and equipment.

·         Strong planning, supervisory and leadership skills.

·         Strong analytical thinking skills.

·         Ability to work in a culturally diversified workforce.

·         Strong computer skills in the use of MS Word and Excel.

·         Strong English skills, both oral and written.

·         Basic level of the Indonesian language in understanding and oral (preferable but not essential).

·         High level communication skills.



Benefits:  Begin first day of employment


  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance.
  • Relocation assistance/Expatriate Incentives.

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Technical Expert, Underground Ore Flow & Mobile Equipment Logistics

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